New Structure

Inheritance of DDP VAPE lineage, keep the DDP signature appearance

ddp rta

Breakthrough the limitation of appearance, unique airflow control adjustment

ddp rta

ddp rta

Easy to use

Simple and easy to rebuild your coil and wick on our build deck

ddp rta

Shock Column air flow control

Three intake air flow specifications
Simple and easy installation

ddp rta

Simple to use

Unique top fill system for refilling your E-liquid

ddp rta

Hightlight personality

Different color versions easier to interact on various scenes

ddp rta
  • Black

  • Sandblast

  • Brush

  • Polish

  • Rose gold

Crystal Tank

Different Crystal Tank for your personal preference.
As well as give user the option to use other stock coils and extension for capacity

ddp rta
  • EVO Bullet Coil


  • Aspire Nautilus Coil


  • Regular Rebuildable Crystal Cap


ddp rta

Original accessories

The air base sold separately can be easily matched with the expansion accessories

ddp rta

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